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Felicia Guerrier


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Alabaster Consulting is a holistic mental health consulting firm located in Garden City, NY. Alabaster Consulting specializes in providing custom seminars on social-emotional education; diversity, equity, and inclusion; as well as self-care workshops and love coaching for individuals, corporations, and couples. Alabaster Consulting Firm assists with providing the mental health needs of the community on a micro, mezzo and macro level that is culturally responsible and non-stigmatizing.

Alabaster Consulting was started in 2019 by Felicia Callis-Guerrier, President and founder, bringing expertise and varied experience to the firm.  Felicia’s holistic approach to consulting and coaching acknowledges the whole three-dimensional person (mind, body, spirit) and incorporates the power of love with the mind-body connection in all training and coaching sessions. Alabaster Consulting destigmatizes mental health and makes it accessible to all. Felicia’s careers as a traumatic brain injury nurse, clinical social worker, and community school director give her an educational, medical and clinical lens into mental health and social-emotional learning that sets apart Alabaster Consulting firm from others.


JEDI Training


-Mental Wealth

-Staff Retention

Professional Development

-Social Emotional Education

-Stress Management

-Team Building

Parent Engagement

-Leadership Coaching

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